Tap Room
Monday 4pm - 9pm
Tuesday 4pm - 9pm
Wednesday 4pm - 9pm
Thursday 4pm - 9pm
Friday 12pm - 10pm
Saturday 12pm - 10pm
Sunday 12pm - 8pm

We now offer a limited food menu in the tap room! You are still welcome to order from Portland Pie next door or bring your own food, but, as always, no outside beverages are permitted.

Available Thursday-Sunday

“Ploughman’s” Grilled Cheese
Sharp cheddar, house-made pub cheese & house pickled vegetables on Little Spruce Baking Co. sourdough. Served with salt & pepper chips.

Buffalo Chicken Croissant
Little Spruce Baking Co. twice-baked croissant filled with buffalo chicken and blue cheese crumbles.

Daily Snackies

Soft Pretzel Bites $5

Salt & Pepper Chips $3

House Pickled Vegetables $2

Sweet & Spicy Candied Peanuts $3

Little Lad’s Sea Salt & Vegetable Popcorn $2

Little Lad’s Roasted Almonds $2

Morse’s Landjaeger (semi-dry sausage link) $3

Fri 10/5 => Wheat ‘n’ Potatoes Session IPA

Fri 10/5 Swarm Saison w/Local Honey, Bee Pollen & Chamomile Flowers

Sat 10/13 Beelzebubbles Steinbier